There are a few recipes on here, although I’m not sure I’ll be putting many more up. But here are some reasons that you should give them a shot:

I have lived gluten free since 2005. I have lived soy free since 2007. I have lived corn free since 2009. So by now, I kind of have a handle on the whole allergy cooking thing. For all of that time I lived and ate with non-allergen people who could vouch for good tasting food. That’s one reason you can trust my recipes.

The other reason is that I am easily flustered and generally lazy. No super-complicated 20-ingredient recipes for me!

I love to create delicious mouth-watering recipes with ingredients that I always have on hand and don’t need a special trip to the store to buy. I love simple. I love flavor. On this page of my blog, I hope to share with you some of my latest and all-time favorite recipes.

Side Note: for the last month, I’ve been following the Candida Diet in hopes of getting rid of some underlying health issues. This has been a stretch for me and my no-complications cooking (as well as quite the blow to my sugar addiction), but I will try my best to add only recipes that I think are truly tasty and simple alternatives. Sometimes I’m afraid that my tastebuds have morphed beyond the normal person, but I usually taste test on the hubby as well:)


2 comments on “Recipes

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Alana,

    I’m a friend of Luke’s from his semeter abroad in Costa Rica and I sumbled across your blog from my facebook newsfeed. My husband and I have recently gone wheat-free/gluten-free and I was wondering if you’d mind sending me some recipes. You mentioned that you liked simple recipes and I’m totally that way too.


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