On Moving Inland: This Blog Is Taking a New Direction, and So Am I

There are no streets to walk on, no maps you can rely on;
Faith and guts to guide you, wander ‘til you find you;
Only raw desire, no match to give you fire,
You’ll have to trust your heart
They don’t believe in oceans, you, you were a sailor
Who burned your ships and walked on, far away you walked on.
You keep turning inland where no man is an island.
It’s where you’re supposed to be.
You keep walking inland where no man is an island—
Come on home to me.
Afraid of your convictions, they said the land would change you;
Steady your confessions, your course make no corrections
When you are a stranger, hold your tongue and wager
Love will set you free
Until it sets you free.
You keep walking inland where no man is an island—
Come on home to me.
Just follow your desire,
Leave it all, you’re leaving all.
Just burn it in the fire
Of everything you once knew, and everyone that knew you,
Remove the shoes you came on, feel the earth you’re made from
Pack up all your questions, just keep heading inland,
And come on home to me.

Jars of Clay, “Inland”

This song is based on the story of Odysseus, who walked so far inland that the people didn’t know what a paddle was. So Odysseus was pretty out of his element.

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.

Not everything is different, but enough is that it feels like I am in another world. I live in a different climate 1,000 miles away from my family, I have mountains blocking my view, I’ve applied to grad school, I’ve juggled three jobs, none in publishing though all about writing, I’m resigning from one of them, I’ve started writing not one but three books—and had I known exactly where all of this was going when I was eighteen and said that I wanted to be an editor, I would have been very doubtful that much of this was a good idea.

And yet, here I am. And while I feel like I have no idea where I’m going and only a vague idea of how I got here, I can look around with wonder and say that it is beautiful.

And since I’m in the midst of new things, I thought it was time that this website got an upgrade: I want to share more of my writing with you, so be on the lookout.  I’ve already posted A Love Poem About Home, which will give you a small taste of what I’ll be putting up.

You keep walking inland where no man is an island—
Come on home to me.