Curtains 101

Confession: I don’t know how to hang curtains. In all the apartments I’ve moved into, I’ve always been too cheap to buy a curtain rod, or there was already a curtain rod in place. Like our current apartment–It came with these neutral and 80’s-ish curtains, which I took down and replaced with World Market and Target curtains. This infographic showed me that my curtains are technically in the wrong place, especially for a small space that needs to appear bigger:

The Rule

The rule, as I’ve heard from several sources, is to place the curtain rod about an inch or two from the ceiling, and to give the rod about six to eight inches past the window PER SIDE. That seems like a lot more curtain space than I’ve ever had in my tiny apartments, but I can see how it expands the look of a window. Next time I’m hanging up curtains, I’ll use this guide. Here is a picture of my curtains currently:

Matching Curtains

It is also traditional to use the same material and style for every window in a room to create a uniform look. As you can see from this picture, showing the other window in our apartment, we haven’t done this either. Mostly because the desk would have squished the curtains anyway, and we ran out of World Market gift cards to buy more curtains. So the apartment’s original curtains stayed, ugly as they are. Thankfully, we have so many other interesting things in our apartment that I don’t think they are noticeable.

We also usually keep a chair next to the desk, so the space fills up pretty fast (this picture is from pretty soon after we moved in).

Ah well. When we move and have more money, I’ll get REAL curtain rods and hang them the RIGHT way.


One comment on “Curtains 101

  1. Amber Mae says:

    I’ve never really considered the height before today. Then again our windows almost reach the ceiling, so maybe it never really mattered:)

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