Tried and True – Coconut Flour Bagels

I have lived gluten- corn- and soy-free for over three years, but the no-sugar no-carb diet of the Candida Diet has been new for me. After all, what do you do without fruit, caffeine, and starchy vegetables? I’ve had surprising luck with it, however, and the four weeks I’ve been on the diet haven’t seemed very long or tedious. One thing I’ve been wanting to try is a coconut flour-based bread, since coconut flour is supposedly the best thing ever, especially for the candida diet.

This is a recipe I’ve just tried, which I found as a decent replacement for bread—plus it’s a BAGEL! When was the last time you had a decent gluten and corn free bagel?

This bread holds together very well and is very moist. It has a distinct garlic taste (and I even cut down the garlic it called for by about half), but it also has a sweet coconut taste. Side note – I can’t taste the garlic as well when my nose is stuffy (I’ve had a cold) but the better I get, the more I taste the garlic. I also tried adding a chopped green onion to the mix second time around and it was delicious!

Also, the batter was much like cake batter for me and had to be spread out with a rubber spatula onto the parchment paper. In the original, I believe she said the dough would be more crumbly. I believe the difference is from the type of coconut flour used—I used Let’s Do Organic (and added a handful more flour than the recipe called for) and she used Bob’s Red Mill (I think). That didn’t seem to faze the final product, though. It was still delicious.

Overall, it was a great carrier for sandwiches, eggs, and peanut butter. Or alone with butter, like Foodie Fiasco recommends. Not to mention much healthier than the brown rice bread I’d been using.

Image via Foodie Fiasco

I ate all mine before I got a picture, so this is one of the most delicious pictures from Foodie Fiasco. Be sure to go and check out the recipe!


2 comments on “Tried and True – Coconut Flour Bagels

  1. Yay! I am so glad you enjoyed these. Thank you so much for the link love, my dear!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I just started doing the candida diet and am glad to have inspiring and delicious recipes to keep me going.

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